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Fundraising For Reagan Gomez’s Webseries Surviving The Dead
The smart and talented actor and producer Reagan Gomez-Preston (@ReaganGomez) is fundraising for a brand new web series called Surviving The Dead. (DONATE here.)
If you don’t know her from Twitter via her incredible Black feminist perspectives on media, motherhood, Black culture and more, you probably remember her from the 90s Black sitcom The Parent ‘Hood, the film Carmen: A Hip Hopera, and/or as the voice of “Roberta” on The Cleveland Show. She also acts in and produced the webseries Almost Home (links: season 1, season 2), a great webseries about a Black brother and sister who pursue their dreams in the music industry and deal with the loss of their mother, while making new friends and finding love. Because I love this webseries, I am definitely interested in seeing her webseries Surviving The Dead come to fruition!
She mentioned this on Twitter about Surviving The Dead:

Our main character Shayla is a nurse. A mysterious “flu” takes over the city while she’s at work. The hospital is crazy with sick people coming in. No one knows what’s going on. Shayla has to flee the city with her younger sister Lucy. And it turns out, this “flu” is a lot more serious than anyone ever imagined. The sisters also find out their father a scientist, is somehow responsible for the virus. And he’s been kidnapped. So not only do Shayla and Lucy have to keep away from the virus AND rescue their father, the Government is now hunting them. They want Shayla and Lucy dead. Why? They have to find that out too. The two know that only their father can stop the virus. But where is he? And why are they being hunted?
That’s the premise of the show. And turns out their father was something of a survival nut, so he trained BOTH of his daughters to be able to defend themselves. Lucy is 12. When have you EVA seen a 12 year old Black girl kicking ass in the Apocalypse? 

I am SO interested! She mentioned that she already put up half of the money and needs $8,500.00 more. As of the date/time of this post, they are at $1,506.00. The campaign closes October 17, 2014.
Please DONATE or signal boost if you cannot donate, so that they make their $8,500.00 goal. We need Black creators making dynamic content in a variety of genres and this is what she is doing! Please support! ❤ 



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